Saturday, July 28, 2007


Scribus is a very professional and polished desktop publishing program for making flyers, banners, menus, and the like.

Installation is fast and easy, although fonts are a big deal. Also, Ghostscript is required if you want to do PostScript or Encapsulated PostScript printing/importing. Don't worry if the download link says "Download Source" for the Windows versions, the Scribus team has seemingly misrepresented the button; it leads straight to where you can choose to download the installation executable.

Although Scribus doesn't have as many templates as Microsoft Publisher, the user interface is very familiar due to its similarity to the standard Office icons and menus. Also, Scribus has excellent abilities to convert documents to PDF, which Microsoft Office cannot do without third party software.

All in all, Scribus is a very sleek open source alternative for desktop publishing.

Official Site: