Monday, June 18, 2007


Democracy is an Internet TV player, and easily best of breed. A very mature and stable code base combined with a friendly user interface and TiVo-like features (such as the intelligence to delete saved old shows to make more room on your hard drive) make this an extremely attractive alternative to cable or satellite TV.

Better yet, you can grab videos from YouTube, Google Video, and other similar sites, and Democracy will even find all your video files so you can have easy access to your entire collection; it plays a variety of video formats including AVI, MPEG, WMV, and Quicktime.

The price certainly doesn't hurt, either - it's completely free. Obviously, you'll need a fast internet connection to take advantage of internet TV, but Democracy downloads the shows you want and you can watch them at your leisure later.

There aren't any commercials, but the caliber of the channels are wide and varied; there's National Geographic, Comedy Central, Adult Swim, and even MSNBC News as well as random stuff like StrongBad and channels about certain heiresses.

Best of all, this allows media to be completely open, so instead of only having the few big conglomerates that dominate television these days, you can get the indie stuff as well as the usual. Hopefully more and better content will be available in the future, but the pickings aren't exactly slim right now, so give it a shot.

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