Sunday, June 17, 2007


Thunderbird is a free and open source email client counterpart to Outlook, much like Firefox is to Internet Explorer.

Thunderbird is arguably more robust than Firefox; I haven't seen memory leaks or even bugs for that matter. However, some default settings are a bit inconvenient for my university, so your mileage may vary - the "Mark Messages as Deleted" feature is preferred to the "Move Deleted Messages to Trash" because it doesn't require additional disk quota.

There's also automatic spam filtering, but it's Bayesian to the best of my knowledge, which means it uses statistical rules for filtering. Unfortunately, that means you have to feed it ham (which is good email) as well as spam, and it's a bit difficult to set up.

However, my lack of witnessing any bugs whatsoever makes this a very competitive email client, especially considering the amount of viruses that spread through Microsoft Outlook's Address Book feature. Highly recommended to replace Outlook

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Similar software:
Eudora (Not recommended.)

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